What is CP-Achieve?

  • CP-Achieve is a five-year program of research working to find ways to help adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy live full and healthy lives.
  • CP-Achieve is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • We are a team of adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy, families, clinicians, researchers and students who are working together to meet CP-Achieve’s aims.
  • CP-Achieve started in February 2020 and will finish in 2025.

What does CP-Achieve do?

CP-Achieve does research aiming to support people with cerebral palsy aged 10 to 30 years to achieve good health, access to excellent health services, and to participate in relationships, work, leisure, physical activity and the community.

We are doing projects to understand:

  • The physical and mental health problems of young people with cerebral palsy
  • What outcomes are important to young people

We can use this information to:

  • Develop programs to be used by health and disability providers to assist young people
  • Help young people to attend health and community services that meet their needs
  • Understand the costs of services that work
  • Inform policy and practice

CP Achieve has two main programs. Each program runs several research projects. The programs are:

  1. Improving the physical and mental health of adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy.
  2. Building supportive family, community and health service environments which help young people take part in life situations which are important to them.

Four important themes are included in all our work. These are:

  • Promoting participation
  • Health economics
  • Developing a specialist workforce
  • Consumer involvement


RCH Campus: Dinah Reddihough, David Coghill, Susan Sawyer, Kerr Graham, Evelyn Culnane, Christine Imms

Australian Catholic University: Margaret Wallen

Deakin University: Rob Carter, Utsana Tonmukayakul

La Trobe University: Nora Shields

Monash University: Prue Morgan

Western Sydney University: Gabrielle Drake

Cerebral Palsy Alliance: Ingrid Honan

Queensland University: Jenny Ziviani, Leanne Johnston

Melbourne University: Anthony Carpenter

Monash Uni: CDDH: Jane Tracy

University of Melbourne: MDI: Bruce Bonyhady

McMaster University: CanChild: Jan Willem Gorter, Peter Rosenbaum

Jonkoping University: Mats Granlund


Steering Committee

Role Name
CI-A (Chair) Dinah Reddihough
Participation Theme leader Christine Imms
Economics Theme leader Rob Carter
Consumer Theme leader Margaret Wallen
Community Coordinator Carolyn Pinto
Program 1 Leader David Coghill
Program 2 Leader Prue Morgan
Workforce Development Group Leader Nora Shields
Project manager (exec support) Debora Markelis