Dana Anaby

Dr. Dana Anaby is an Associate Professor at the school of physical and occupational therapy at McGill University. Dana’s research encompasses the areas of participation and well-being among children, youth and young adults with physical disabilities, with a special focus on leisure participation and the impact of the environment. Her studies, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), involve developing and testing intervention plans to improve community engagement such as the PREP (Pathways and Resources for Engagement and Participation), as well as enhancing measurement tools to assess Participation and Environment for transition-aged youth (such as the Youth and Young adult Participation and Environment Measure, Y-PEM). She also leads Knowledge Translation initiatives; particularly those aimed at promoting participation-based practices. Dana holds the FRQS (Fond de Recherche- Santé) Research Scholar Career Award and serves as the Principal Investigator of a range of clinical trials funded by CIHR, testing the impacts of the PREP approach.