Dewa Mangal

I am: A 3rd-year occupational therapy student and am currently living in Sydney. I work with children as an allied health assistant and I also volunteer with a refugee organisation. Something that others find interesting about me is that I am a polyglot!

My main interests are: I am an avid reader and in pre-pandemic times I was also a eager traveller. In my spare time, I also enjoy painting, specifically creating Persian calligraphy artwork. 

I volunteered as a mentor because: I volunteered as a mentor because I appreciate the important role individuals with the lived experience of a condition may play in the research process; I also acknowledge that this may be an unfamiliar or challenging process, so I hope to help make this process easier and more rewarding. Being able to become a mentor would be a privilege as I would be given an opportunity to work alongside a mentee to support them throughout involvement and ensure that their contributions are valued. Coming from a background in occupational therapy, I am passionate about maximising participation for the individuals that I work with, including in research settings to support them in being able to make the impact that they desire.