Shanee Holmwood

Hello, I am Shanee Holmwood, I’m 22 and am studying for a dual degree in psychology/ criminology. I am more focused on the criminology side. I was diagnosed with CP right side hemi, at 9 months old. I have had multiple operations. I also have mental health problems but that is beside the point of this background about me. I love the gym and gaining muscle. Abbey and I can make a full person with CP and a full person without CP.  My CP is mild, but my hand has a mind of itself and loves to wave. Fun facts about me, I have a fear of birds.  I completed a mystery writing course whilst in high school. I am a big fan of tattoos and have many, love, Disney. I also have emotional support water. I want to be able to help research by giving them or of an understanding how and what can be changed in the system to help people with disabilities.