Activities that consumers are involved in

Consumers are involved in many activities in the research of CP-Achieve from the beginning of projects through to telling people the results. The table below gives some examples of the important ways that consumer influence and impact research.

Stages of research


Some of the activities consumers undertake during the stages of studies

Before starting research

·      Identify priorities for our research to focus on

·      Decide on the important research questions to answer


Planning the study


·      Develop intervention and the materials and resources needed to carry out an intervention

·      Develop, select and test measures which will be used to gather data in the studies

·      Identify the study participants who are relevant to include in studies

·      Study design – so that the study is feasible, interesting and meaningful for participants to commit to

·      Identify the ways of making contact with potential study participants and the best ways of writing materials to advertise studies

·      Write and review documents that participants will read to ensure they are readable and contain the information that research participants need to know to assist them in making an informed decision about participating in research. These documents could be participant information and consent forms, study advertising material, information leaflets, surveys, and interview questions.

·      Identify potential risks involved in running or taking part in the studies and risk management strategies

Conducting the study

·      Collaborate with getting the message out to research participants about being involved in studies – using networks, videos, social media

·      Carry out interventions

·      Complete data collection, for example, conducting focus groups, interviews, questionnaire completion

·      Analyse data collected from research participants – including what the results mean from the perspectives of consumers, add alternative and lived experience perspectives

·      Support for study participants and maintaining relationships with participants

·      Making sure that communication is ongoing with participants, so they know how their involvement assisted the research and how the results were used.

Sharing the results of the study

·      Plan the strategies used to share the results of the research to all those who need to know

·      Identify strategies which are targeted, authentic, user-friendly and meaningful for sharing the results of the research to all who need to know

·      Co-produce the messages, materials, resources and tools to share the results of the study to the right people

·      Co-authors of the publications which report the results of the study

·      Present the results at workshops, conferences and meetings