CP-Voice Advisory Group

CP-Voice is an advisory group of adolescents with cerebral palsy aged between 10-18 years.  The advisory gorup collaborates closely with CP-Achieve research teams to provide valuable insights into their experiences and perspectives.

These advisors connect via virtual meetings to contribute to CP-Achieve research themes and projects.

CP-Voice has provided feedback on materials such as study communication, videos, and surveys. CP-Voice’s contribution is highly valued and represents an essential asset for striving towards a better future for adolescents with cerebral palsy.

Through their active participation, CP-Voice has expressed great satisfaction in the work which has helped them develop:

  • new friendships, skills, and confidence
  • opportunities to attend and present at events like webinars and conferences devoted to important issues for young people and their families

CP-Voice's involment in transition to adulthood research

CP-Voice has played a critical role in informing CP-Achieve's research about the transition to adulthood.  They have contributed to research about:

  • factors that influence successful transitions- including the importance of community support
  • access to resources
  • preparation for navigating the healthcare system.

CP-Achieve has gained valuable knowledge on the transition process including:

  • how to help individuals with cerebral palsy develop the skills needed for independent living and employment
  • navigating the changing social and emotional landscape of adulthood
  • build meaningful and authentic relationships

The insights of the CP-Voice advisory group have been used to create:

  • education and training programs for healthcare providers
  • recommendations for policymakers
  • intervention strategies for families, educators, and other stakeholders

CP-Voice advisory group members