Stakeholder Advisory Group

Who could become a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Group?
Individuals and representatives of organisations who have an interest in the health and well-being of young people with cerebral palsy and their families and caregivers and are willing to volunteer their time to assist CP-Achieve. Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group might be clinicians, researchers, advocates and advocacy organisations, decision makers, professional associations, healthcare and disability organisations, education providers (secondary, tertiary, TAFE), and individuals with cerebral palsy and their family members.
During the grant application process, investigators from CP-Achieve met with stakeholders in September 2018. There were fruitful discussions that contributed to the grant application that was submitted in December 2018, which was ultimately declared successful in late August 2019.
Since that time, many stakeholders have registered their interest in CP-Achieve and are already on our database described above. People on the database receive newsletters and invitations to podcasts. We will continue to provide this information to all those on our database.
The aim of the Stakeholder Advisory Group is to improve the applicability and quality of research, knowledge translation for end-users and outcomes for young people with cerebral palsy and their families. Such a group would meet 3-4 times each year with a pre-circulated agenda and papers.
More specifically, members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group will:
1. advise about current research projects and bring forward new proposals;
2. contribute to research projects by assisting with recruitment through their contacts;
3. contribute to the research program by alerting the research team to possible funding sources;
4. assist in the dissemination of results and advocacy for changes in policy that might be needed. This might include involvement in designing best methods for dissemination and / or distribution of information;
5. request specific topics be presented in educational forums or podcasts; and
6. recommend PhD students for CP-Achieve scholarships.
Next Steps
Please let us know if you would like to join the Stakeholder Advisory Group by filling out the information in this form.