Gyms and Physical Activity Research Team

Monday, May 3, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Why are we doing this study? There has been a lot of research into the things that make it harder or easier for young people with disabilities to exercise in the community, like at the gym. In this study, we are interested in hearing about the ideas young adults with cerebral palsy have about what can be done to make it easier to exercise in the gym. We will also ask families, health professionals and people working at the gym for their ideas too. We want to find out which ideas are the most important to each group. This will help us to focus on what ideas to try out first.

Who is on the research team? You will be joining a team of physiotherapists and exercise specialists who are passionate about finding ways for young people with cerebral palsy to have a good time while exercising in their local communities. The team is led by Georgia McKenzie, a physiotherapist with a special interest in physical activity.

What will you be doing? You do not need to have any previous experience with research. It is your knowledge and experience as a person with cerebral palsy that is important to us. You will meet with the research team to give your input. You will have an important role in helping us to understand the information that we collect from young adults and the other groups. We will ask you to give feedback on documents to make sure they give the necessary information in the right ways. Also, you will help us work out the best ways of communicating the findings from our work.

How often? Meetings will be about once a month for one hour. Sometimes we may need to have extra meetings. We will ask you to do some activities in between meetings.

For how long?  We plan to finish this work in early 2022.

We are inviting you to express an interest in this project if: you are aged 16 to 30 years

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