The Adolescent Advisors Working Group

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Why are we setting up the adolescent advisory group? The researchers who are part of CP-Achieve believe that young people with cerebral palsy should be involved in all our research. We think we need the view of young people to make sure we are doing the right research in the right ways to really make a difference for young people. One of the ways of involving people with cerebral palsy is in an advisory group. We already have an advisory group of young adults called CP-Unite and will have an advisory group of parents. We have started planning for an advisory group of adolescents. This is so that we can get the opinions, views and feedback of adolescents on our research which is about adolescents with cerebral palsy.  We are also setting up a mentor program. This will be a group of young people who volunteer to assist and support the adolescent advisors in their role.

Who is on the research team? You will join a team of young people with cerebral palsy, a parent of a young person with cerebral palsy and researchers. The team is led by Sevastine Katsakis, who is a counsellor and young woman with cerebral palsy who is very experienced working with researchers and in research teams.

What will you be doing? We think that working with adolescents needs the special knowledge of adolescents to make sure we do it right and well. You will be joining the research group to make decisions with us about the best ways to communicate with adolescents, tell them what is involved in the advisory group, help us plan and run our meetings with the adolescents and check that we are doing the best job we can. You will also work with us to make sure that the mentors have all the information and skills they need to work with the adolescent advisors.

How often? Our meetings will be about once a month for an hour, until the end of the year - sometimes we may need extra meetings as we get started. After this, our meetings will be less often, about once every two months.  We will also ask you to do things between meetings like writing or giving feedback on plans and documents and giving advice by email.

For how long?  This project will run until 2024, but you can choose how long you stay as part of this working group.

We are inviting you to express an interest in this project if: you are aged 10 to 20 years.

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