The Consumer Evaluation Research Team

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Why are we doing this study? We call the young people and families who are involved in our research “consumers”.  It is important to us to show that involvement of consumers is a good use of their time and effort, that consumers and researchers are happy with the work they do together and that it makes a real difference for the research. We also want to find out more about the best ways of consumers and researchers working together so that we get better at what we do and help other research teams to work with consumers.

Who is on the research team? We are a group of researchers, parents of people with cerebral palsy, and young people with cerebral palsy. We will also have a research student, doing a PhD, who we will work with. The team is led by Margaret Wallen, an occupational therapist and lecturer who is passionate about working with young people with cerebral palsy and about partnering with people with cerebral palsy as part of her research.

What will you be doing? You will meet as part of the research team to plan the research, decide what is important to research, what is important to measure, how to communicate with the people who are in the study and how to tell the community about our findings. You will bring really important information about the experience of cerebral palsy to the study which will mean that people with cerebral palsy who are in the study will have a better experience and our findings can be communicated to others in a meaningful way.

How often? The meetings will be, on average, once per month for about an hour. We may also ask you to complete tasks in between meetings like giving helping to write or giving feedback on plans and documents, and responding to emails.

For how long?  We plan to finish this project at the end of 2025. You do not have to stay involved all this time but you can if you wish to.

We are inviting you to express an interest in this project if you are aged 13 to 30 years.

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