The Drooling Research Team

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Why are we doing this study? We know that drooling makes life difficult for young people. It affects health and well-being, the way people can participate in activities and the community, and is difficult to find treatments that are practical to carry out. We want to find out more about how drooling affects young people with cerebral palsy and then to develop treatments which are informed by young people.

Who is on the research team? You will join a team of researchers and other young people with cerebral palsy. The team is led by Michelle McInerney, who is a speech pathologist and lecturer with a special interest in making a difference in drooling for young people who have cerebral palsy.

What will you be doing? You will meet with the research team to help us plan and carry out our research. We will make sure you can give your opinions using your usual way of communicating. Your experiences of cerebral palsy will make sure that we ask the right questions in the right way when we are asking young people about drooling. Your experiences will also help us develop and test treatments that are acceptable to young people. Your input to the research will make it better and more meaningful for young people with drooling.

How often? Meetings with the research team and other young people with cerebral palsy will be about once a month for an hour. We will also ask you to give advice over email and feedback on plans and documents in between meetings.

For how long?  Our research will take about 1½ years

We are inviting you to express an interest in this project if: you are aged 13 to 30 years and have experience of drooling

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