The Mentor Program Research Team

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Why are we doing this study? We think it is important to show that the mentor program is useful for both the young people with cerebral palsy and the mentors. We also want to find the best ways of running the mentor program so we can do better in the future and also to tell other people who may want to set up mentor programs. We will be asking both young people and mentors about their experiences. We will ask questions about the reasons for choosing to be part of the mentor program, what activities they have done together, how long it takes, what are the benefits of being involved and what are the problems, what works well and what doesn’t, and what would help to make the program work better.

Who is on the research team? We are a group of researchers, a parent of an adults with cerebral palsy and young people with cerebral palsy. We also will have two university students who are doing this research as part of their occupational therapy honours degrees. The team is led by Margaret Wallen, an occupational therapist and lecturer who is passionate about working with young people with cerebral palsy and about partnering with people with cerebral palsy as part of her research.

What will you be doing? You will join the research team and be part of the meetings which decide the important things to be part of the research, how to carry out the research, what the findings mean and how best to tell other people about the findings. It is your experience of being a young person with cerebral palsy which is important to us, you do not need to have research skills.

How often? Meetings will be about once per month for one hour. We will invite you to do other tasks in between meetings like write and give feedback on study plans and documents and give your advice via email.

For how long?  This research will finish in mid 2023.

We are inviting you to express an interest in this project if: you are aged 18 to 30 years

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