Transition to Adulthood Research Team

Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Why are we doing this study? We want to understand the experiences and needs of young people with cerebral palsy, as they transition into and through young adulthood. We are most interested in young people’s views on participating in the major life areas, such as accommodation, education, employment, healthcare, and relationships We are also interested in what helps or makes it hard for young people to participate in these areas.

When we understand these things, we will develop recommendations and practical resources to assist young people with cerebral palsy to participation in their communities.

First, we will find out what information is already available, by doing a ‘scoping review.’ We will find all of the scientific information on young adults with cerebral palsy transitioning to adulthood, and review this information, to help us work out what to do next. After the scoping review, we think we will have a second and third project, where we ask young adults with cerebral palsy in Australia for more details about their participation and opinions on how to help the transition to adulthood. This information can then be used to develop services and resources to help young adults to participate in the life situations which are important to them.

Who is on the research team? We are a group of researchers, parents of people with cerebral palsy, and young people with cerebral palsy. The team is led by Stacey Cleary, a physiotherapist who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people with cerebral palsy.

What will you be doing? As part of the research team, you will offer your experiences, insights, and opinions in each of the parts of our research. At first, we will focus on what the results of the scoping review will mean for young adults with cerebral palsy in Australia. You will help us decide on the next steps and you may like to continue to work with us.

How often? Our meetings we be about every second month for 1 hour, by zoom. We will also ask you to review documents and provide your opinion and feedback, via email, in between the zoom meetings.

For how long?  We think that the scoping review will take about 1 year to complete. We hope you will then stay on the team to work with us as we plan and carry out the next stage of the work.

We are inviting you to express an interest in this project if: you are aged 18 to 30 years

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