Benz Halog

I am: Hi there! My name is Benz and I’m a second year occupational therapy student. I live in Brisbane with my parents, my two siblings and our cat, Ella.

My main interests are: I really love being active and playing sports, like touch football, with my friends! I also love to listen to a lot of music, watch Netflix and YouTube, and have decided to try my hand at crocheting recently (it’s not going too great so far though HAHA).

I volunteered as a mentor because: I volunteered as a mentor because I would love to work with people, specifically youth, with cerebral palsy in my future occupational therapy practice. My younger brother has CP and I want to be able to help out kids like him and their families however best I can one day. I am interested to learn more about how CP affects people in different ways and connect with new friends :)