Consumers involved in CP-Achieve

CP-Achieve consumers are involved from the beginning and can inform what to research; planning the design and methods; carrying out the research; analysing findings; ensuring the findings reach and inform the people who need to know.

Consumers work in advisory groups or as research partners to inform the work of CP-Achieve. Our advisors and partners can communicate in ways other than speech.

The role of advisors and partners is greatly valued by CP-Achieve, because our groups make sure the research is guided by the voice of people with CP and what matters to them! Consumers involved in our research tell us that they find the work rewarding. They may develop new skills, confidence, and friendships.

We have four advisory groups in CP-Achieve:

  • Parent Advisory Group – parents of young people with diverse experiences of CP
  • “CP-Voice”- adolescents with CP who are aged 10-18 years
  • “CP-Unite” – young adults with CP aged18-30 years
  • “One Group Our Voice” – young adults with complex communication needs (CCN), 20-30 years

Benefits of being involved in CP-Achieve

  • Opportunity to attend or present at events, like webinars and conferences and others, about what is important for young people and their families.
  • Contributing to important research
  • Working on the best ways to offer therapies and services.

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