Dr Petra Karlsson

Dr Karlsson is passionate about finding novel ways to use assistive technology and engineering technology to improve communication and participation opportunities in children and adults with cerebral palsy. Her research focuses on multidisciplinary research approaches to advancing technology and innovation to support communication, cognitive assessment and functioning in daily activities for individuals with cerebral palsy. Her training is in occupational therapy, disability and assistive technology.

Dr Karlsson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute and affiliated with University of Sydney. In addition to her research within the assistive technology field, she coordinates and supports the establishment, maintenance and execution of research within the CP Check-Up™ program; an active surveillance program that utilizes a variety of assessments to collect information across many aspects of a person’s life including physical status, functional abilities, cognitive abilities, health and well-being.

Dr Karlsson is also a visiting scholar at Holland Bloorview Research Institute, Canada working on development of novel ways of using assistive technology to support communication.