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    CP-Achieve Newsletter February 2021

    Happy New Year and welcome to our first newsletter for 2021. Thank you to all our team who are already very busy planning a full year of research and education.  We are very excited about our planned Symposium on May 27th and 28th.  Please put these days in your diaries now.

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    CP-Achieve Newsletter November 2020

    It is a pleasure to welcome our two postdoctoral research fellows, Stacey Cleary and Iain Dutia. Both Stacey and Iain already have experience in working with young adults with cerebral palsy and their doctoral degrees focussed on physical activity programs. Therefore they bring very relevant skills to their positions and I am looking forward to working with them. We also welcome Georgia McKenzie who has been awarded a CP-Achieve PhD Scholarship.  The title of her project is “Understanding community based physical activity participation for young adults with cerebral palsy.

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    CP-Achieve Newsletter September 2020

    Welcome to the 5th edition of our CP-Achieve newsletter.  Our work is building with all of our team are striving to develop the research program to learn more about young people with cerebral palsy and to put in place strategies to improve outcomes.  Webinars have commenced and we thank Sophy Shih and Kate Anderson who participated in our inaugural session.  You will see details of upcoming webinars in this newsletter.

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    CP-Achieve Newsletter July 2020

    We are very fortunate indeed that a number of young people have volunteered to be part of our Consumer Advisory Group and we are so looking forward to their participation. Consumer engagement is a cross-cutting theme for CP-Achieve along with participation, economic evaluation and workforce development.  You will hear about consumer engagement in every newsletter and hopefully some of our consumers will be writing sections before long.  We are already privileged to have Sevastine Katsakis and Joan Gains working with us.

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    CP-Achieve Newsletter June 2020

    Welcome to this 3rd newsletter of CP-Achieve.  During the past few weeks, we have been busy starting to design the research program.  We are committed to having consumer involvement and you will see the request for participation in the Advisory Group in this newsletter.  Consumers are essential to help us design the right questions and to work with us to make sure our methods are feasible and will answer the issues under investigation.  Consumer engagement is a cross-cutting theme for CP-Achieve along with participation, economic evaluation and workforce development. 

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    CP-Achieve Newsletter May 2020

    In this newsletter, you will be able to read about some of the wonderful members of our team who are already making an outstanding contribution to planning for the research program.  You will also see that the PhD Scholarships are now advertised.  If you are thinking about doing a PhD, please speak with any of us.  Or if you have friends who may be in this situation, please pass the information on. We hope to have the PhD program under way in the second half of the year. 

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    CP-Achieve Newsletter April 2020

    Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of the Centre of Research Excellence (CP-Achieve). This newsletter will share updates on community engagement within our research program and promote opportunities for you to get involved in research as community partners.

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