Parent Advisory Group

At CP-Achieve we involve parents and carers of young people with cerebral palsy (CP) through our Parent Advisory Group. 

Parents and carers in our advisory group contribute invaluable advice and insights from their life experiences to help ensure our research is relevant, accurate and responsive to the priorities of their young people and their families.  

Our Parent Advisory group members work with researchers and research teams to provide advice on their research projects and outcomes.  They advise on how evidence  can be best used to help people with cerebral palsy and their families. It is their knowledge about being a parent or a carer that is important to us.

Our Parent Advisory Group members tell us that they benefit by:

  • Making valuable contributions to important research intended to improve outcomes for young people with CP
  • Meeting the researchers and learning more about the research process
  • Meeting and working with other parents/carers of young people with cerebral palsy

Interested in join our parent advisory group?

We are inviting parents, carers and family members to join our Parent Advisory Group. 

If you are interested, you will need to be:

  • A parent, carer or family member of a young person (aged 11-30) with CP
  • Interested in CP research
  • Willing to give 1-2 paid hours in the evening every 2-3 months

Our Parent Advisory Group operates in an environment of trust and openness where members feel confident and safe to have a say and express their views – where we also have a laugh and enjoy our work together. 

We compensate you for your involvement - $40 per meeting plus any preparation time.

For more information about being involved in the CP-Achieve Parent Advisory Group, please contact CP-Achieve Consumer Coordinator Carolyn Pinto at

You can also CLICK HERE to leave your contact details if you are interested in speaking with one of the team members or in expressing an interest in joining a team.

Parent Advisory Group members: